How To Use Pinterest To See Real Results For Your Biz With Stephanie Riel of Riel Deal Marketing

Is Pinterest dying? ….are you kidding me? Pinterest isn’t your typical social media outlet – it requires a special strategy. Tune into today’s episode of Sociallee Relevant with Stephanie Riel of Riel Deal Marketing to hear how Pinterest can be a valuable tool for B2B and B2C brands that are interested in tapping into a new market in this episode. Get ready for the long game!

Meet Stephanie Riel

Stephanie is the founder of Riel Deal Marketing, a brand marketing firm that helps small businesses attract the customers they want. Riel Deal Marketing is a one-stop brand marketing firm helping small-to-midsize businesses build brand awareness and get more leads and sales through a customer-focused, data-driven approach. Riel Deal focuses on developing clear brand messaging and digital marketing strategies designed with their customer in mind and based on real data – not a one-size-fits-all solution. With complete marketing support – from brand messaging and web design to social media and automation – Riel Deal clients are free to focus on building and growing their businesses while they bring in the customers.