Let’s Get Sociallee Relevant

So if you haven’t heard the news, we are officially starting a podcast. It’s going to be called Sociallee Relevant and it’s coming out in the next couple of weeks – and I’m so excited. I wanted to share with you a little bit of info about what you can expect and what the podcast is going to be all about. 

We are going to be coming out twice weekly and I want to make them short episodes – maybe 15-20 minutes, 30 minutes max just to make it quick, easy, fun information. It’s Sociallee Relevant: The Marketing and PR Podcast – because it’s all about marketing and PR, but I really want to make it fun and interesting. 

I’ve been in marketing for about 12 years now and I’ve tried to find some marketing podcasts – and there are a few good ones out there – but I really don’t listen very often. I’m interested in the topics because it’s the industry that I’m in. My agency does marketing, public relations, and social media advertising for businesses all over America and a lot of different industries. We have restaurants; boutiques; consumer products; a coffee company; a functional medicine practice; we’ve got several resorts, condos, destinations; and we work a lot in the travel industry as well. I love listening to marketing and PR information and hearing how I can utilize that either to promote one of my clients or even maybe promote the agency. 

There are some really interesting podcasts out there, but what I found is that most of the ones about marketing and PR literally put me to sleep. I think it’s because they get so bogged down in techie and digital talk. I’m in the industry and it’s a little too much for me, so I can only imagine someone who owns a business – and maybe this isn’t really their realm – that that might be even harder for them to listen to, because it’s like speaking a different language.

I think the purpose of this podcast is really more for people who own businesses or maybe other marketers who are trying to learn, or just listening to other people’s struggles and challenges, things that we go through on a daily basis. I really want this to be something tangible that people can hear information and actually apply it back to their business. You’ll see that the podcast will have a lot of advice for small businesses. We’ve worked with hundreds.

I’ve been doing this for eight years now, consulting, and officially launched the agency in 2015. I’ve been consulting since 2013 and I’ve worked with so many different small businesses. I totally understand the struggle that they’re going through and the challenges that they face with budgeting, what platforms they should be on, how to get to their target audience and actually get them in the door or get them to buy something online. So it’ll be a lot of advice for small businesses. 

We’ll talk about trends and marketing and new things that are coming out, because there’s always – social media alone – a new platform out all the time and a lot of our clients come to us and say, “should I be on this platform?” or “Should I be on that platform?” It’s really tempting to jump into a platform and just start messy action. I think what we really are experts on are looking at that platform, assessing what it can do and saying “is this going to reach your target audience?” “Is this actually going to move your bottom line and increase revenue for you?” Because if not, is it really worth – you as a business owner – spending time doing it or us as your agency? Is it worth paying us to do it for you if it’s not going to move your bottom line?

We’ll talk a lot about the trends and who these things are good for, which types of businesses they’re not good for, and honestly just spit you the truth of what I’ve read up about on certain topics.

We’ll answer some questions, I love it. I used to speak in front of audiences – pre-COVID – all the time and I’d have a presentation, but at the end I loved to leave like 10 or 15 minutes for people to just spit questions at me. It doesn’t even have to apply to the presentation I just did, but spit a question at me rapid fire. I have no idea what some of these people are going to ask and that’s part of the fun of it is like “hey, this is what’s happening in my business and what’s your advice on this?” I love answering your questions.

If you have one, definitely reach out to us. You can find Sociallee on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and pretty much any other social platforms. You can also find our website, BeSociallee.com. Sociallee.com was taken by some kind of company in India, but maybe one day they’ll give it up. 

Hit us up on LinkedIn. You can also just reach out to me personally. The best way to do that is probably through LinkedIn, Whitney Lee, or you can find me on Instagram, @TheWhitneyLee. If you have a question – even if it’s something really specific to your business or your industry – it’s probably a perfect topic for me to talk about on the podcast, so that would be a great one.

I might dabble in interviews as well. I think some interviews are really interesting and fun. I thought it might be cool to bring on some people that have maybe worked for some of the biggest brands in the US or internationally and what does their budget look like, what does their life look like on a daily basis, and how did these brands get to that point. 

I’d also love to do a segment on your biggest fails – you know a campaign that you put together or something like that. Maybe we’ll share some of ours too because it’s pretty entertaining now that it’s over. But, some of your biggest flops – like campaign flops and maybe how you can avoid them.

I also want you guys to meet my team. We’re a team of five and we’re a great mix. We’ve got Millennials on the team, but we’ve also got a couple Gen-Z folks on the team as well – so getting everybody’s input. That’s so interesting, different generations and the way we perceive things, the way we consume content, and what gets us to take action. So, we’ll have a few episodes where the team will pop in and you’ll get to hear from them and understand why they’re so amazing, why I hired them, and why I love working with them. 

Overall, I think the main reason why I wanted to start the podcast is it’s honestly really fun to help educate people. This is a completely free resource. I have a lot of people that want to work with us, but maybe they’re not there yet. They’re not there to where they have a budget to hire an agency, but they just need some help and advice. So I thought this was a cool way to help educate those people that are maybe bootstrapping their business.

I really just enjoy speaking and I miss doing it. Like I said, before COVID it was a very regular thing for me and the world of events is slowly coming back, but until then, I thought this would be a great platform to put out free content. Overall, I hope that you actually take something away from this, whether you’re a business owner, a marketer for a small business, or a big business. I hope what we talk about here will actually be valuable, digestible, not overwhelming, annoying techie digital talk that no one cares about or understands. I want this to be completely approachable, fun, easy listening, and something that you’ll enjoy tuning into.

I would love your feedback and hear what you would like to hear about on the podcast. If you’ve got a topic, a social media platform, a question and you want to submit it definitely reach out to us on LinkedIn, on our website, or you can find me personally @TheWhitneyLee on Instagram. I would love to hear your questions and I’m excited to see how the podcast grows and evolves, so stay tuned. The first episode is coming out very soon and I look forward to seeing you there.