6 Essential Digital Marketing Strategies for Hotels and Resorts

6 Essential Digital Marketing Strategies for Hotels and Resorts

6 Essential Digital Marketing Strategies for Hotels and Resorts

In the realm of hospitality, connecting with your audience is ideal for success. Whitney Lee, Principal of True Story PR, brings her expertise to the forefront, emphasizing the importance of a holistic digital marketing approach. As a PR professional, the goal extends beyond mere increases in bookings and sales; it involves diving into the creative aspects of digital marketing to provide your audience with an authentic sense of the property and the surrounding area. Here are six vital strategies to effectively digitally market your client’s hotels and resorts.


Keep it real!

Prospective hotel guests seek a genuine portrayal of your property’s day-to-day reality. They are more intrigued by an accurate representation of their potential experience at the resort rather than a polished version. Collaborate with your photographer and web designers to produce digital content that highlights each aspect of the property, not solely relying on recent renovations or picturesque beachfront rooms. Remember, authenticity carries more significance than extensively edited photos, resonating with customers who value a transparent and truthful depiction of what awaits them at your establishment.


Utilize User-Generated Content

User generated content is going to be crucial when showing potential guests the real experiences they are going to get by staying at your property. Encourage guests to share their unique moments by posting their content and tagging the resort. As someone trying to collect user-generated content , keep diligently searching for guest photos across various social media platforms using hashtags and location tags. Additionally, consider influencer campaigns as a valuable avenue for bringing in user-generated content. The hospitality industry has seen great success collaborating with influencers who will generate their unique content for their followers to see.


Promote the area

Avoid overwhelming people with constant sales pitches. Instead, focus on promoting the area surrounding your resort. Dive into the local scene and what the area has to offer the guests.Whether it’s upcoming events or noteworthy spots to explore during their stay, providing this information enhances guests’ understanding of your property and its surroundings. While this approach is vital for your property’s social media platforms, don’t overlook the significance of promoting the area on your resort’s website. This not only enriches the visitor experience but also contributes to improved SEO, creating a mutually beneficial scenario for attracting and engaging potential guests.


Stay Connected with Email Blasts

Establish  a direct connection with your audience by incorporating email blasts into your digital marketing strategy. Keep past guests in the loop and maintain ongoing engagement to ensure this select audience knows that booking directly through the email is convenient. Craft the resort’s email blasts with an editorial flair while also finding a balance between narrative content and promotional highlights. Don’t forget to include a compelling “call to action,” encouraging them to book directly with you for an exclusive and personalized experience.


Engaging with the local community

Creating strong connections with the local community is crucial, especially when things are quieter during the off-season. This helps make your property an essential part of the community. Hosting events is a smart move to get locals engaged and build even stronger ties with the community. Doing this when it’s less busy is a win-win for your resort and the local community.


Partner with the town’s local tourism group 

Work together with your local tourism groups, whether it’s the CVB, TDD or any other organization in charge of city tourism. This collaboration offers a fantastic opportunity to digitally market your resort to both existing and potential customers. Partnering with these organizations allows you to draw tourists to your area, specifically highlighting your property. Potential collaborations involve hosting events, social media partnerships, or even getting featured on their platforms. The vital role played by these organizations in making the area attractive to tourists makes a successful partnership crucial for positioning your resort favorably among guests visiting the area.


Embracing digital marketing strategies is the key to making your property stand out among others. Implementing any of these six approaches will elevate the success of the resort, no matter what time of the year. Utilizing the digital strategies above will enhance guest experiences and ultimately allow the resort to increase room bookings and sales.

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