How to Plan an Award-Winning Book Launch with Melanie Herschorn, Founder of VIP Book Marketing

On last week’s episode, we talked about taking your big ideas and turning them into a book. Today, we’re taking that a step further and chatting about how to actually put that book out into the world and make the most of it!

Melanie Herschorn, Founder of VIP Book Marketing, joins Whitney as they discuss actionable tips for planning a successful book launch.

Get to Know Melanie

Melanie Herschorn wants to make your book and brand shine. As a nonfiction and children’s book marketing strategist for authors, coaches, consultants, and speakers worldwide, she’s on a mission to support and empower her clients to build a business with their book as the foundation and to help them share their message with the world. Using her unique combination of entrepreneurship, award-winning journalism and PR experience, Melanie guides her clients to create brand awareness, sell books, and position themselves as subject matter experts so they can make a big impact with their book. She also loves to provide book marketing tips and interview authors on her Youtube show, AUTHORity Marketing LIVE!