How Two 20-Somethings Built One of NYC’s Largest Social Media Agencies with Courtney Spritzer, CEO and Co-Founder of Socialfly

Have you ever felt like you had to convince someone of your professional value just because of your age? Courtney Spritzer started growing one of NYC’s largest social media agencies in her twenties and is no stranger to this challenge.
Tune in to this week’s episode as Whitney interviews Courtney Spritzer of Socialfly on some of the trials she has overcome while building a social media agency with her partner, Stephanie Cartin.

Meet Courtney Spritzer

Courtney is the Co-Founder and CEO of Socialfly, the #1 women-owned and operated social media agency in the world. Socialfly helps brands communicate and resonate with women on social media. Throughout Courtney’s career, she has developed strategic social media plans for her clients and successfully implemented campaigns for 200+ companies and brands, including Discovery, WeTV, Conair, Girl Scouts, and Slimfast. Courtney is also the Co-Founder of Entreprenista Media, a media platform that provides resources to women entrepreneurs and business leaders and celebrates their success.


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