Boosting is a Trap

Boosting is a Trap

Leveraging paid ads on social media can do a lot for your business if done right. However, many people mix ads up with boosting and they are not the same! The “boost” feature can be tempting to people that are not familiar with Ads Manager as it comes with promises of getting more views on your post with just the click of a button. However, taking advantage of all the tools and intricacies of Ads Manager will take you a lot farther than boosting. Here’s why boosting your social post is a trap.


What’s the difference?

To understand why boosting is a trap, we need to discuss the difference between boosting and creating ads through Ads Manager. It’s important to note that boosting isn’t bad, but you have so much more opportunity if you take advantage of the features in Ads Manager.



The boost feature on Facebook can only be used to get more likes, comments, and shares on a single post. One example where this tool may be useful is if your business is having a grand opening and your sole purpose is to get more eyes on your announcement post. This may be a simple way to do this, but you still have a bigger opportunity using Ads Manager.


Ads Manager

Now that we understand what boosting is, let’s discuss why Ads Manager is the better choice.

Objectives – The first thing you are prompted to do in Ads Manager is to set an objective. You have several options for your objective including getting link clicks, page likes, and more. Utilizing the link clicks option for your objective would be great if you are trying to get potential clients on your website to book an appointment or place an online order. One of the great things about Ads Manager is that each ad only gets one objective. This helps you narrow down your call to action and makes it crystal clear to the viewer. If you’re giving your viewer too many things to do, they’re not going to do any of them.

Personalize where your ad is displayed – Another great feature of Ads Manager is the ability to personalize where your ad is being shown. You can choose to put it on Facebook and Instagram or just one of them. For example, if you know that your target audience is mostly on Facebook, you may choose to only show it to those users. Even more intricate, you can select what is shown in each location on the platform. If you don’t want your ad shown on Facebook stories, you can select not to show it there.

Pixels – Utilizing the Pixel feature can be so useful to you! A Pixel is a personal code given to you by Facebook that you will place on the back end of your website. If you were to then set up an ad going to your website, Facebook would keep track of each user that clicks through to your website. Then, you could create an audience from everyone that has been tracked through your Pixel, which means you have an audience full of warm leads next time you run an ad!

There are so many more features on Ads Manager that will help you personalize your ads and reach your target audience. The bottom line is that boosting isn’t “bad”, but you should utilize Ads Manager every chance you get to help reach your full potential.

If you want to learn more, listen to the full podcast episode here and if you’re ready to let a team of experts handle your social media, contact us!

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