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Consistent Leads, Clients, and Customers for Your Business

You know you need help with your marketing, but don’t have the budget to hire a seasoned marketing director or an expensive agency. You’ve opted to hire a savvy, entry-level marketing assistant but…

You’re deflated because what they are doing isn’t really working.

“They don’t know why and neither do I.”

You’re frustrated because they aren’t doing anything unless you micromanage them.

“I don’t have time for that! I’m trying to run my business!”

You’re annoyed because they follow you around all day, asking, “What should I do next?”

“I’m not a marketer – I’m the owner! Shouldn’t they know this? Didn’t they go to school for this?”

You feel exhausted by not only leading your business, but pulling all of the weight for marketing strategy.

“This is exactly why I hired someone. But I’m doing my job and theirs!”

You feel like you’re babysitting your team, rather than them coming forward proactively with ideas.

“I just need them to know what to do without my constant guidance and supervision.”

You feel drained from hiring and firing assistants over and over again.

“Their resume seemed great, but they didn’t make anything happen! Or, I finally found someone that’s helpful and they got snatched away by a bigger company and bigger salary. Now I’m starting all over!”

We work with small and medium size businesses who struggle with this every single day. 

What we’ve learned is that these young, savvy marketing assistants really are a valuable asset to your team, given the right direction and guidance including:

1. Being trained thoroughly in the software needed, the tasks they are to be doing, and the benchmarks they should look for to know it’s working.
2. Being given a system with clear instructions and clear tasks laid out for them each week/month.
3. Having someone to be a sounding board with their questions and troubleshooting issues.
That’s where we come in!

We’ve created a two-step process that takes all the pressure off of you as the business owner.

Training and Systems

You’ll have lifetime access to our step-by-step training system that teaches your assistant what they need to know to succeed and move your business forward. You can always refer back to the training and systems roadmap and videos to train future team members as well. We also provide templates for reporting and give you, the leader, a key checklist so you know how to measure their success and productivity.

Strategic Plan

This is where the magic happens. Our team of experts puts together a full marketing plan for your business, using our 5P process. This robust document will have customized ideas specifically for your business. It includes graphic templates, tracking spreadsheets, lists of contact information, sample email templates for PR outreach, and so much more. We make it so simple for your assistant to immediately hit the ground running.

As a result, you are finally able to:

• Actually lead your business and work on what you love most
• Win back hours and hours of your life back that you were spending on marketing
• Get consistent leads, customers and clients coming into your business
• Let go of your “babysitting” job, having a marketing expert training and leading your entry level assistant

After years of hearing the same pain from our potential clients – we finally formulated a way to help these businesses without breaking their budget.

In just three months, our process will train your marketing assistant, put systems into place, and customize a marketing plan with actionable steps.

You have the option to purchase just the Training + Systems or the Strategic Plan separately, or you get special pricing when you purchase them together.
At the end of the process, if you still feel like you need support from our experts, or someone to oversee your assistant for you, we have options to:
1. Join our support community or
2. Receive one-on-one support so you and your assistant have a dedicated expert to answer your questions, help with new ideas, and troubleshoot when you just don’t know what to do next.

Need to hire an assistant?

Yes, we can even write a job description, help interview, and hire someone for your team. Ask us more about this option.

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A Note from Whitney

For over a decade, I turned away numerous small and medium sized businesses that sincerely needed our help, but simply couldn’t afford the cost of a full marketing agency to execute for them. It honestly pained me to see business owners between a rock and a hard place – they couldn’t afford a seasoned professional or an agency, but an assistant just didn’t have enough experience with strategy to actually move the needle.

I finally recognized that there was a way to help these businesses and It’s been so fulfilling to solve this problem for them.

It’s my hope that every business owner or entrepreneur that works with us will find freedom and get their precious time back, while their business still grows.

We’ve turned hundreds of entry level assistants into marketing directors, and in turn, changed the lives and businesses for entrepreneurs all over the US.

We were made for this. #TrueStory

Your story needs to be told. Let us help you!

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