We build a strategy and train your team to execute it.

What You Need: Consistent Leads, Clients, and Customers for Your Business

The biggest challenge we consistently see for a growing business: You don’t have the budget to hire a seasoned marketing director or an expensive agency. You’ve hired a savvy, but entry level assistant to handle your marketing but…

You’re deflated because what they are doing isn’t really working.

“I don’t know why and neither does my marketing assistant.”

You’re frustrated because they aren’t doing anything unless you micromanage them.

“I don’t have time for that!”

You’re annoyed because they follow you around all day, asking what you should do next.

“I’m not a marketer – I’m the owner! Shouldn’t they know this? Didn’t they go to school for this?”

You feel exhausted by not only leading your business, but pulling all of the weight for marketing strategy.

“This is exactly why I hired someone. But I’m doing my job and theirs!”

You feel like you’re babysitting your team, rather than them coming forward proactively with ideas.

“I just need them to know what to do without my constant guidance and support.”

We work with businesses who struggle with this every single day. What we’ve learned is that these young, savvy marketing assistants truly can be a valuable asset to your team, given the right direction and guidance. Give them a strategy and watch them become more productive, in turn, actually helping move the needle for your business. 

We’ve created a four phase process that takes all the pressure off of you as the business owner.

We learned that marketing assistants really can be helpful when they:
• Have been trained thoroughly in both the tasks they are to be doing and the benchmarks they should be looking for to know it’s working.
• Have been given clear instructions and clear tasks laid out for them each week/month.
• Have someone to be a sounding board with their questions and issues.
• Understand how to pull data and most importantly, what the data means, so they can tweak their tasks according to the findings.
As a result, you are finally able to:
• Actually lead your business and work on what you love most.
• Win back hours and hours of your life that you were spending on marketing.
• Get consistent leads, customers, and clients coming into your business.
• Let go of your “babysitting” job, having a marketing expert to train and lead your entry level assistant.

Our Strategy Plans Include

A custom marketing and PR strategy for your business.
This four month process starts with research and data analysis, before our team builds your customized plan including:
• Social Media
• Email Marketing
• Advertising
• Public Relations
• Influencer Campaigns
• Affiliate Programs
• Community Relations
• Media Relations
• Podcasting
A virtual training session with you and your team on how to execute and measure it yourself.
This multi page PDF includes contact information, sample scripts and important branded templates you’ll need. It’s so turnkey that the moment the meeting is over, your team will have a checklist of exactly where to start. We even establish systems and processes for all future team members to be trained.
Need to hire an assistant?
Yes, we can even write a job description and help hire someone for your team. 
Don’t have time to oversee them and check over their work?
Yes, we can also add monthly check-ins. Our team will host one call a month with your assistant to help keep them on track, to brainstorm new ideas and to oversee their current projects. Your assistant reports to us for feedback on their social media content, email designs, advertising and more. As the owner, you get to be as involved as you want, giving you precious time back to work on your business, be with family, travel, or whatever is important to you. It’s a beautiful thing.
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A Note from Whitney

For over a decade, I turned away numerous small and medium sized businesses that sincerely needed our help, but simply couldn’t afford the cost of a full marketing agency to execute for them. It honestly pained me to see business owners feeling so lost – they couldn’t afford a seasoned professional or an agency, but an assistant just didn’t have enough experience with strategy to actually move the needle. I finally recognized that there is a way to help these businesses and It’s been so fulfilling to solve this problem for them. 

It’s my hope that every business owner or entrepreneur that works with us will find freedom and get their precious time back, while their business still grows. 

We’ve turned hundreds of entry level assistants into marketing directors, and in turn, changed the lives and businesses for entrepreneurs all over the US. 

We were made for this. #TrueStory

Your story needs to be told. Let us help you!

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