What is Fractional CMO?

“I’ve tried hiring an agency before but I really need someone physically here in my office.”

“I can’t afford a seasoned marketing director. My marketing assistant is young and hungry, but they are asking for tasks instead of bringing the strategy to us.”

“My marketing assistant recently graduated from college. They are creative and digitally savvy, but they need constant guidance and I’m just too busy trying to be the CEO.”

This is what we’ve heard hundreds of CEOs say throughout the years and this is where we come in.

As your Fractional CMO, we take all of that off your plate and help train and oversee your marketing assistant to make them a productive asset to your team. You see results and have one less team member to manage. It’s a game changer!

Ideation to Execution

First, your Fractional CMO assesses your business and develops a custom marketing plan. We then oversee your team by:
• Teaching the plan to your team members, implementing structured ongoing systems for them to execute.
• Overseeing their tasks, reviewing to ensure their work on track with the strategy to provide you results.
• Providing feedback to their work before they send or post.
• Establishing benchmarks to measure your team’s success.
• Assisting in interviewing and hiring new or additional in-house assistants.

Your story needs to be told. Let us help you!

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