Is In-House Marketing Actually Costing You $$$$?

Is In-House Marketing Actually Costing You $$$$?

COVID-19 sparked a realization: You don’t necessarily have to have an in-house PR/marketing team. In fact, you can be anywhere in the world and do what we do. And when you break the numbers down between the fee of an agency vs an in-house employee, it makes much more sense to hire an agency.

What are the benefits of an agency over in-house?

A marketing team has several roles that need to be filled, like Graphic Designer, Copywriter, Public Relations Manager, Social Media Manager, etc; not one person can do it all.

But let’s put it like this: Let’s say for an in-house team, you need to hire for one of the roles listed above. You hire one person for a salary of about $60K a year (or $5K a month.) However, if you were to pay an agency that $5K a month instead, you would be getting a team of FIVE for the same price. Plus, you don’t have to pay health insurance, supply equipment, PTO, provide office space, or anything of that sort. You pay one flat fee a month, and that’s it.

Don’t let the location aspect scare you out of hiring an agency! We are a full-service digital marketing, social media and public relations agency with clients around the world. Each relationship is unique as we connect with each potential client to develop a personalized plan of services that will help them reach their goals.


There are three ways to work with our team:

Retainer – We determine what services you and your team needs, and work with you on an ongoing monthly basis to provide the needed support to your in-house marketing manager or marketing department.

A La Carte Projects – This can look like: Grand Openings, Special Events, Press Releases, Pitching, Podcast Tours, or Influencer Campaigns. You can contact our team for an individual project or campaign and receive a quote here.

Strategic Consulting Sessions – We evaluate your current marketing efforts, learn about your marketing goals, and provide a detailed plan to help you get there. We provide your team with a detailed document on what to do, when, and the key messaging to execute the plan.  This is a perfect option for a small business that may have a young marketing assistant that is digitally savvy, but just needs some guidance on strategy and planning. Learn more about our strategic consulting services here.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of hiring an agency over in-house, listen to the full podcast episode here.

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