4 Import Changes to Instagram

Do you ever feel like you’re WAY behind on the changes in social media? Social media is constantly changing and sometimes it’s impossible to stay in the know. Keep up with the news and check out episode 9 of the Sociallee Relevant Podcast to hear¬†Whitney Lee’s breakdown of four new features that are coming to Instagram.

Description: Today we’re breaking down one of the “Big Boys” of social media, Instagram. This must-do platform is constantly evolving and it’s about time that we break down four new features that are coming to Instagram. From product tags to hashtag searching, we’re going through¬†the good, the bag, and the ugly of the platform and how it’s going to affect your business.

4 Changes to Instagram:

1. Product tags are going to be available for every user on Instagram rather than just creators and business accounts.

2. Donation tabs now available for Instagram Reels

3. Instagram is taking away the “Recents” page on a hashtag search, now changing to “Top Hits” only.

4. Improving the ranking system by highlighting original content