Creative Ways to Use AI in PR with Steve Marcinuk of Intelligent Relations

The topic of Artificial Intelligence can seem intimidating if you’ve never used it. While there are many things that can be unreliable about AI, the truth is that it is a part of our future! On today’s episode, Whitney is covering the positives AND negatives of Artificial Intelligence with Steve Marcinuk of Intellegent Relations.

Tune in to learn specific ways you may be able to use AI to accelerate your Public Relations tasks and ways that you may want to steer clear of using this tool.

Get to Know Steve

Stephen Marcinuk is a PR expert with over 10 years of experience. He is the Co-founder and Head of Operations at Intelligent Relations, where he is actively involved in all aspects of operations and growth for the company – this ranges from the generation of the AI PR technology for the platform, all the way across to client services.

Steve’s always been passionate about finding solutions, which led to his fascination with AI’s role in the PR world. Fast forward several years, and Steve is now the driving force behind the company’s latest innovations such as AI-text generation models and journalism matchmaking tools.