How One CEO Went From Fired to CEO with Andrea Sager of The Legalpreneur

Andrea Sager made the biggest comeback when she became the CEO of her own company, The Legalpreneur, after getting fired from a law firm. The Legalprenuer is reinventing legal services for small businesses. Tune in for today’s episode as Whitney chats with Andrea about the twists and turns of her journey and the “aha” moment when she decided to focus her efforts on assisting businesses. From a divorce, to getting fired, to making a huge comeback, Andrea is spilling all the tea.

Meet Andrea Sager

Andrea Sager is a serial entrepreneur, with a love for all things small business. She has dedicated her career to helping start ups scale their companies and grow their legacy. By creating unique and informative content on all things business, Andrea has cultivated an engaged and in-tune niche audience of small business owners.

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