Are Virtual Events Dead? With Bri Snellgrove of Social Icon

The pandemic changed many things in our world, including the use of virtual events. As people shifted to working from home, meetings, happy hours, and even social gatherings started to take place virtually! Now that everything is “back to normal”, it’s easy to think that virtual events are not as popular. On today’s episode, Whitney is talking with Bri Snellgrove of Social Icon about how virtual events are very much alive and well. Get ready for tips and tricks from a pro on how to leverage virtual events for your own business.

Meet Briana Snellgrove

With 15+ years of branding and marketing expertise, Briana Snellgrove of Social Icon is helping clients transition from live to virtual events. Bri specializes is in corporate event management and marketing, strategic digital marketing campaigns, marketing consulting, building a strong business culture, social media management, and developing a captivating brand story that leads to increased loyalty.