How to Scale to a 7 Figure Agency with Armando Leduc of Leduc Entertainment

Are you an agency owner or freelancer? This episode is for you! Today, our very own Whitney Lee is chatting with Armando Leduc of Leduc Entertainment and discussing specific advice about scaling your business. Armando is sharing ways that he scaled his seven figure agency and spilling tips that you can implement for yourself.

Get to Know Armando

Armando Leduc is the founder and CEO of Leduc Entertainment, a full scale production company with a focus on digital content creation for businesses of all types. With an acting resume that runs over 20 years long and roles in major Hollywood films including Green Lantern, Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans and Focus, along with films that he’s written, produced and directed on his own, Armando is no stranger to the entertainment field. He’s taken those years of experience and put it to work in his company, taking businesses of all types and transforming their social media content from boring to cinematic.