How to Write the PERFECT Response to Negative Reviews

What do you do when someone writes something terrible? Negative reviews are never fun, but they are an important way to get feedback on your business. In this episode, I discuss the different types of negative reviews, my process and response to these comments, and next steps that you can take to prevent negative reviews online.

Here are our eight tips and tricks to formulate the perfect response to negative feedback:

  1. Don’t delete – This shows a lack of transparency. The ONLY time we delete anything is:
    1. Racial slurs

    2. Vulgar language

    3. Threats

  2. Before responding, find out details from operations or whoever the customer interacted with.

  3. Formulate a draft – make sure to thank the customer for their feedback.

  4. Address every single thing they say in their review.

  5. If you are truly at fault – admit it and apologize.

  6. If the person is sincerely lying, you can address it in a VERY PROFESSIONAL manner.

  7. Important to keep it very professional – never blame the customer! Your followers are watching to see how you handle the situation so make sure to take the high road.

  8. Try to keep the response short and to the point – ask them to take it offline by giving them a name and phone number to call.