How to Maximize Paid Media + PR with Lynn and Mollie of BrandVerge

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Whether your goal is driving sales, gaining new customers, or increasing brand awareness, having a omni-channel strategy with both organic and paid media will help you reach your goals! In today’s episode, Whitney Lee is speaking with Lynn and Mollie, Co-Founders of BrandVerge. BrandVerge helps clients with their media strategy so they can get featured in paid media and optimize paid media for growing brands!

Meet Lynn and Mollie

lynn and mollie brandverge

BrandVerge is a digital marketing service that is swiftly shifting the media partnership ecosystem.

As the first two-sided marketplace for premium advertisers, BrandVerge acts as a matchmaking platform that connects media properties and advertisers to significantly cut the time of the traditional partnership process, increase transparency and creativity, and provide the best experiences for our clients.

BrandVerge is on a mission to create the industries favorite destination to discover unique premium media opportunities

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