The Biggest Misconception About PR

Today talking about PR.
Many people want to work in this industry bc they think it’s “so fun” – think we just go to parties and sip martinis.
Samantha from Sex and the City made it look like so  glamorous and sexy.
But I have also noticed a lot of distrust in the PR world.
I first noticed this – I watch shark tank a lot –  and when people would ask for money for PR, the sharks would start to roll their eyes – or sometimes that was a deal-breaker for them. spending money on PR? Boom, they are out. But….WHY?
Also, last year Chris’s mastermind – people told me of how they spent thousands of dollars with PR people and totally got BURNED. They used that word. BURNED?!
So…why? Why do people feel so burned by PR people? Bc people don’t understand what PR actually IS
So before talking about what PR IS. What is it not?
  1. Pr is NOT marketing. Marketing focuses on SALES. Bottom line.
  2. PR is not driven by immediate results or ROI. Many times it’s a long play.
  3. PR is not party planning or event planning. PR is more about getting the message OUT. But we are not party planners
What IS PR?
First, we’ll start with the traditional side:
  1. Media Relations
    1. press releases
    2. Pitching for editorial coverage
      1. Tradition media or event podcasts
    3. POC for media – answering questions, formulating responses.
    4. Building connections with media people in your area or within the niche of your clients. Why bc when they need someone or a story, they come to YOU first
  2. Reputation management
    1. Strategizing when a crisis happens – what is the company’s response and message? In ALL challenges
    2. Monitoring everything – reviews, social media platforms etc. Reporting back to the CEO about what the public’s perception and response to our company’s actions are
    3. Proactive reputation management – not just waiting but planning Ideas and campaigns that show your company’s values
  3. Exposure
    1. Creating social media campaigns like the ice bucket challenge
    2. Celebs – making fake relationships
    3. Launch – event, new offerings
  4. Partnerships
    1. Finding brands that align and create offerings together
    2. influencers
    3. Sponsoring an event or podcast
    4. Supporting a cause
Ads are what you PAY for – PR is what you pray for.
I think why they get burned – you can’t promise results. It’s all about ideas and outreach. Positioning, relationships and following up. So is PR hard? No. If you have the creative brain it’s not – but you better have the right words to say and the relationships in place or dedication to keep following up.
So if a PR person is promising you results… that’s a red flagggggg!
So I hope this has been helpful for you! I know we talked a little about influencers if you want to learn more download our 5 free tips to help identify influencers that will make you $$$$. link in the show notes or go to