Marketing Agency Investment

Marketing takes time, money, consistency.

As a business owner, you have a vision of where you want your business to go – big goals, dreams and financial growth. Maybe you: 

  1. Are well-versed in marketing, but simply don’t have the time to execute the tasks – from social media posts, to ad campaigns, email blasts and more. 
  2. Have a staff member that spearheads marketing, but their plate is full and you need support to outsource some tasks like email marketing, social media and PR. 
  3. Have a young admin or assistant that is capable of making posts on social media, putting together emails, etc, but needs guidance on strategy, messaging and fresh ideas. 

A marketing team is made up of numerous positions – a strategist, copywriter, graphic designer, social media manager, PR manager. Each plays a vital role in executing successful marketing plans and while it would be nice to find one employee who can do it all, these roles have unique skillsets that may have some overlap, but it’s unlikely. Thinking of hiring all in-house? Let’s do the math. 

Average Salaries according to

Strategist – $88,620/year Copywriter – $58,658/year

Graphic Designer – $50,227/year

Social Media Manager – $55,117/year

Public Relations Manager – $77,443/year

TOTAL COST: $330,065


Our team has each one of these roles on staff and the best part? You pay one fee – and one that isn’t even close to $330,000 a year. You also save thousands of dollars a year by not paying for:

  • Health Insurance
  • Benefits
  • Paid Time Off
  • Office Equipment – Computers, cameras, microphones, cell phones, etc. 
  • Office Space 
  • Software – Social media scheduling, editing and graphic design, PR databases, etc. 

Businesses nationwide are utilizing marketing firms as the strategic and fiscally-wise decision. With our retainer options starting at only $3,000, you’ll quickly see that financially, this is a no-brainer for your business. 

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