10 Marketing/PR Strategies Every Fashion Brand Should Be Doing

10 Marketing/PR Strategies Every Fashion Brand Should Be Doing

In the dynamic world of fashion, designers are increasingly choosing the direct-to-consumer route, bypassing traditional retail channels. These 10 marketing and PR strategies will increase your brand’s awareness and flourish your sales.

The Power of a Photoshoot

Creating a buzz around your clothing line starts with a captivating photoshoot. Your photoshoots should include product focused images as well as images emphasizing lifestyle. It is important to pick models that best fit your brand’s identity so that your potential customer can imagine themselves wearing your clothes. These photos tell a story and you want your customers to feel a part of it!

Creating Your Online Home Base

Your website is the direct point for customers to check out your product and brands. First impressions matter and this will typically be formed from your website. Devote time to making your website polished and inviting so that customers feel a part of your brand.. Feature the brand’s story, a dedicated press page, and invite any brand ambassadors. 

Line Sheets for Retail Pitching

A well-prepared line sheet is essential for newer fashion brands to establish their brand, colors, styles and more. Today’s market is saturated with endless fashion brands, so it is more important than ever to have your brand well defined and organized. A line sheet will serve as a great reference point when pitching to boutiques and retailers so you are ready for any opportunity that comes your way! 

Social Media Strategy

Having a social media presence in the fashion realm is non-negotiable. Your brand might not need to be on every single social media, but it is beneficial to have content on the platforms your target audience is on. Don’t overlook the power of Pinterest as a constant working SEO tool. Regular, authentic content sharing is key, so stay engaged with your audience at least three times a week.

Editorial Coverage and Influencer Campaigns

Pitching your company’s founder for editorial coverage can create invaluable brand awareness. Additionally, collaborate with influencers whose audience aligns with your brand’s mission. Don’t overlook micro influencers just because they don’t have a huge following. Typically micro influencer campaigns tend to have more success because their audiences are so niche, giving your brand more authenticity.

Give Back Campaigns

Consumers are drawn to brands with a purpose. Establish a give-back campaign that aligns with your brand’s values. Imagine the causes your customers may have an emotional connection and consider a give back campaign with them. This not only makes a positive impact but also strengthens your brand’s reputation.

Building a Database

Gathering contact information is crucial for effective communication. Implement email and text campaigns to have a direct line of communication with your brand and its customers. 

Strategic Promotions

Whether it’s seasonal drops or sales, strategic planning is key. Consider unconventional timing for promotions to stand out in the market that are relevant to your brand. You can use fun unconventional holidays, or make up your own! Be prepared to surprise your audience with flash sales and mystery bundles during slower periods to keep sales consistent no matter what time of year.

Launching a clothing line requires a holistic approach that integrates online and offline strategies. From visuals and websites to social media and philanthropy, each element contributes to a brand’s identity. Stay ahead of the curve, plan strategically, and watch your clothing line flourish! 


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