Instagram Posts vs. Stories

Instagram Post vs Story

Instagram Posts vs. Stories

When Snapchat came on the scene and caught some momentum (ya know, just a measly 78+ million users), Instagram must have totally felt a little threatened (rightfully so) because they immediately clapped back by adding Instagram “stories” where users can make short 15 second clips that are only visible for 24 hours.  IG users have definitely embraced the stories feature because IG had to put a cap on it by saying each user can only post 100 clips per day. In case you aren’t an active IG user, you can find stories across the top of your main feed when you log in. You’ll see the circular profile photos lined up horizontally – these are the people who you follow that have current stories for your viewing pleasure.


So, the number one question we get on IG?

“What’s the difference between stories and our IG feed? Can we just post the same stuff in both spots?”


The answer is no – these spots should have very different content!


Stories should include:

  • Real-time activities. Maybe if you are an animal rescue you are out on a beautiful walk with some of the pups? Or if you’re a restaurant, maybe the chef is explaining a quick recipe and showing how to mix it up?
  • More video than your feed. It has been shown that photos receive a lot more engagement when they are on your feed – not your story!
  • Flyers – if you must. Maybe you have an event coming up? Share the details there (in between videos) but keep your copy short and LARGE. People only have a few seconds to read! Yes, they can go backward in your story but you really need to hit ‘em on the first time.
  • Fun sound effects, gifs, music, etc – IF that is appropriate for your brand.


Feeds should (or shouldn’t) include:

  • Your BEST photos. Colorful, mouthwatering, breathtaking. We’ll write another blog one day soon about strategy for IG photos. That’s a whole conversation in itself!
  • No flyers! If you want to share a graphic that has text in it, go ahead, but keep it short, simple and large text. Graphics of quotes do well on IG – but that’s because the quote is the focus. Not 27 logos, website addresses, photos and text. Seriously. Simple.
  • Video is ok, but pay attention to what your thumbnail features. That will determine if people skimming through your profile will click on the video after it is long gone from the recent feed.
  • Things that will help your brand be discovered. You are gonna need to hashtag it UP to grow your following and you want to make sure that when people are discovering you through a hashtag that your pic stands out. Again – hashtags and growing your following – two major topics that will require an entire blog – each!
  • Cohesive filtering. Try to use the same filter on all of your photos. It gives your feed a cohesive brand identity.


Instagram is the fastest growing social media outlet and if you aren’t on there – you better get on board! For a while, it was just the youngster millennials and Gen Z-ers but the older generations are catching on quickly – just like they did with Facebook. Plus, Facebook owns Instagram now and between the two, you have the ability to reach multi-MILLIONS.


If you feel overwhelmed after reading the info above, it’s all good. We’ve got your back! We love managing Instagram and can handle everything from start to finish. Drop us a line here or email us at and we’ll discuss how we can blow up your business on the gram!

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