Marketing Your Med Spa or Plastic Surgery Practice

Marketing Your Med Spa or Plastic Surgery Practice

Are you an owner or operator of a med spa, plastic surgery practice, or of cosmetic services? Then listen up, we’ve got eight of the top tips on how to positively market your business.


Position the doctor(s) as the experts

Highlight their education, expertise, and their achievements to build trust with your audience and prospective patients.


Ask for Reviews

When someone comes back for a post-op appointment or expresses their satisfaction with the physician during their appointment. This is the perfect opportunity for the doctor to say, “Thank you so much, it would mean the world to us if you took five minutes to write a review on [insert website here].” Then have your team follow-up by sending them an email directly with a link to facilitate the process.


Before and after images of all of your patients

Displaying these before and after images on your website and social media platforms is crucial for prospective patients. Ensure you have a photo release form prepared for patients who consent to sign. See an example here.


Get the physicians out into the community

We get it, they’re doctors, they’re busy, and they have a family, but having them in the community builds trust, and people want to do business with people that they feel like they have a personal connection to. We would suggest an upscale wine dinner or charity gala. If they talk to one person and they become a patient, the ticket has paid for itself times ten.


Partner with organizations that also reach your demographic

If you’re trying to reach women, think about what other women’s organizations are in town; this could include fitness studios or gyms, an OBGYN’s office, beauty and fashion retail businesses, etc. Start thinking outside of the box of who reaches your demo.


Email Marketing

If you didn’t know, there’s an algorithm on social media. So not everybody is seeing all the content that you’re posting on social. By repurposing it into an editorial style or email newsletter, it is a great way to make it shareable and increase its potential reach. Include a special offer periodically and don’t make it about sales! Link it back to your social content.



For med spa owners and operators, memberships can provide consistent revenue and customer loyalty. If someone is buying into a membership, they need to get something every month, in addition to a discount on other services. Some examples of this could be offering a monthly membership where clients receive a specific treatment each month as part of their subscription, such as a monthly facial, chemical peel, or microdermabrasion treatment; or offering a complimentary treatment or service during the month of the member’s birthday, this gesture can help to make the members feel appreciated and valued.


Maintain an active blog on your website

Transcribe a video of the physician discussing XYZ topic and post that as an individual blog. Find something that will help your general SEO (search engine optimization). Look at who comes up first for a Google search, why Google decides they should appear first, the amount traffic your websites getting, and how often your website is updated. Pro Tip: Record discussions and have them transcribed by companies such as: Sonix, Rev, or Descript.


If you want to learn more about how to market your med spa or plastic surgery practice, make sure to give this podcast episode a listen here: 

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