One “Must Do” During the Madness of Summer

One “Must Do” During the Madness of Summer

It’s summer along the Gulf Coast and business is BOOMING. If you own or manage a business anywhere along the coast, this is probably GO TIME for you. One thing you probably have ZERO to little time to think about? Marketing. In fact, numerous business owners and managers have told us that they don’t even think about marketing between Memorial Day and Labor Day because the getting’s good. I’m here to tell you that is a huge mistake! Even if you are absolutely packed, here’s ONE quick thing you should be doing this summer. You will thank yourself for later!

Getting information from your customers.
Many visitors return to our area year after year and you need the ability to reach them again! Offer a gift card, free item – WHATEVER – just incentivize those guests to register by including their name, email address and hometown. Emails are like GOLD and the TRUE rockstars of marketing know the value of segmenting their lists. Inside your email account (Mailchimp, Constant Contact, etc) you can drop in their name and email. WORD OF ADVICE? Keep the locals and the visitors on separate lists. That way, when summer comes around next year, you can contact BOTH lists and during the off season, you can have a targeted list of locals. Now, if you are an accommodations company, you are probably only touching visitors and you can email them year-round.


If you haven’t done email marketing before you’re probably asking….
What am I going to send these people?
How often to do I email them?
How will this help make me money?

That’s where we come in! We build and manage email marketing lists, campaigns and newsletters for businesses in all industries including healthcare, dentistry, music/entertainment, events, restaurants and more. Contact us and we can plan a killer email campaign for your business!



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